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A Better Man

by Sara Beth Yurow

© 2019

You're gonna learn how to live without me, now

How to pass the time without me around

I don't think I really need to spell it out

You know where this is going

You're gonna learn how to stand

And how to walk without holding my hand

And how to take things like a man

Instead of letting them out on me


And I know this isn't what either of us wanted

But this is the song where I'm completely honest

I can't take all the things you do

The bad outweigh the good so I guess we're through

And yeah, I do think about you from time to time

I face the future with a heavy heart cause you're no longer in my life

I wish you all the best; want you to understand

And I just hope this makes you a better man

You know, you're gonna meet a girl some day

Who'll make you realize your faults

And you'll remember me walking away

And you don't want that to be the end result

Cause part of being a man means knowing how to love a woman

I don't care how many girls you're trying to see

But if you ever want a real relationship

Gonna have to treat 'em better than you treated me



So go on and make me proud

And though you know this can't be easy 

On either of us

It's so painful saying it out loud

Seeing couples in a crowd

And know that should've been us

But I can't boost you up no matter the price

And you can't build a relationship on vengeance and lies

And I can feel your sadness as you watch me go

You deserve this pain, you know


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