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By Sara Beth Yurow

© 2019

Think you can play with fire and not get burned?

Think you can make and break lifelines and not have to learn?

That's fine if you wanna spend your time throwing knives

But next time play with somebody else's life

Cause I can hear the paramedic asking me for my name

And I can hear the nurse in charge saying, "She's circling the drain"

And the cops all on their walkie talkies wondering who's to blame

I'm fight my intubation just to scream your name

Oh, so can you hear me?

Babe, I'm running out of time


And I can feel everyone's bewilderment

Does she need a psych eval or is she just in shock?

Run a work up, cause her physical shows she's just fine

But her labs are all over the place, she's running out of time

We gotta open her up

Try to sew her back together but her aorta's all cut

200 over 90 and my BP is still climbing the charts

They all said, "How can this be? 

She died of a broken heart"

Oh, so can you hear me?

Bab, I'm running out of time



So do damage control 'til I reach the triad of death

Run a code blue though it feels crimson red

Please don't leave my bedside 'til my last breath

It should be you lying on this gurney instead

I'll sign that DNR if you don't cut that shit out

Cause I have no desire to return to the situation we're in now

Your hollowing of words, that feeling of emptiness

It's time to call it:

Time of death

Oh, so can you hear me?

Babe, I'm running out of time


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