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by Sara Beth Yurow

© 2019

So I'm just sitting next to you sitting next to me

I can feel you brush your arm against me

Was that done on purpose or accidentally?

Can you feel what I'm feeling?


Cause I feel electricity

Moving between you and me

I can't move and I can't sleep

Oh my God, the intensity

Two blinding sparks of light

Invisible from the outside

Enough to keep me up at night

Oh my God, I can't breathe

So I'm just looking at you looking at me

In your eyes I see intensity

In the air I feel electricity

A passerby would see nothing wrong

But we're both part of the same circuit

If the intensity's too much, will I still be worth it?

Can you handle this electric current?

Cause when it moves through me, it turns me on



With physical contact

The chemicals react

Raging hormones

Losing control

It's animal instinct

Can't help that we're in sync

Might as well accept it

This love is electric


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