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Have Fun With Your Walls

by Sara Beth Yurow

© 2022

Your walls are higher than the ones in China

And I wish they'd go and do a Berlin

Your walls; you keep building 'em higher and higher

So you can see out but no one can see in

And you open up the gate every once in a while

And you let someone in and you let 'em see you smile

Then life goes and hurts you and let loose the moat

Expel all the outsides....

Whatever keeps you afloat

Pre Chorus:

And I get it in the sense that you need time to brood

But one of these days I'll be gone for good


Everybody hurts

Everybody bleeds

Everybody needs

To lick their wounds, yeah

But I can't join in the bloodshed just cause you feel attacked

Can't lash out at me and expect me to keep coming back

And I'm trying so hard to be there for you

But I'm a girl with feelings; and I have limits, too

You can't attack all I am and expect me to call

But if that's what you want

You have fun with your walls

And I don't know what I'm doing, what I'm thinking, where I'm going

But I know I love you more than I can say

And I don't know if we're meant to be-why do we have to be?

When you know I have the power to make you feel okay

And it may not be enough for you but that's what you've got

Your life is crazy right now and I love you a lot

And I know you need something to believe in that'll last forever

So when it falls apart you can feel it'll somehow come together 

Pre Chorus:

But how can I commit to someone who can't accept all that I am?

And do you really wanna be alone when the shit hits the fan?



How do I call someone who attacked all that I am?

How do I reach out to you when you keep slapping my hand?

How do I listen patiently knowing I don't have your respect?

And you expect me to keep forgiving you again and again

Cause it's not enough to be there now

You want the promise of forever

And it's not enough to love you

I need to pull myself together

With no concern for where I am, or how I feel, too

Damn, you're just so damn demanding...

And I've got news for you

No one's that understanding

And yeah, everybody pushes people away

But if you push me hard enough that's where I'll stay


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