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It's 1 pm

by Sara Beth Yurow
© 2019

It's 1 pm
That's when your shift begins
And normally that's when I go swim

I'm sitting in my house
Trying to block you out
It's funny cause I feel so strange right now

Pre Chorus:
It almost feels like no time has passed
But I refuse to go into a relapse
You can't make up for the past
And you know it, don't you now?

And you know why I'm not there
You know why I can never come back
You built me up, then tore me down
How do you make up for something like that?
And how do you face someone again?
Knowing they have the power to make things right?
If I can't trust you with my heart
How can I trust you with my life?

It was 12 am
Remember that's when 
I saw you with her at the snack stand

I'm strummin' my guitar
Just remembering
I don't ever wanna feel that way again

Pre Chorus:
And I can almost feel me in your mind
You're wondering if I'll show this time
Yet, you can feel it in the back of your mind
You know that I won't show


And if feels so wrong not to be where you are
In so many ways
But it would be so wrong for me to be there now
In so many ways

Cause the way you've been treating me lately is wrong
The way you've been deceiving me lately is wrong
So I guess I'll swim on a different shift from now on
You deserve to wonder why I never came


It's 1 pm
Right now we should be flirtin'
What I wouldn't give for things to be that way again

For us just to forgive
But I swear if I see your face again...
...I'm a just lose it

Maybe someday



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