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It Takes 2

by Sara Beth Yurow

© 2019

I didn't stop to smell the roses

I didn't come here to make friends

So pardon me for not realizing it was a live wire

I reached out for and now this friendship's being set on fire

Pre Chorus:

Can't keep kicking up dust, and walking the line

Think I'll try the road less traveled this time


So wrap your arms around my waist

Pull me close, whisper my name

Think of all the things we'll do

Just wait 'til I get my hands on you

So hold me and let's intertwine

Lace our fingers, and close our eyes

Cross my heart and hope to die

I wanna get tangled and it takes two

My first instincts' to throw caution to the winds

I barely know who you are or where you're coming from

Maybe you only laugh cause the whole world's laughing

And you know a friend to all is a friend to none

But that apple looks so damn delicious

And you only get what you settle for

We can keep running around in circles discussing this

Or we can fill the void with an eloquent silence

Pre Chorus:

Done the right thing about a thousand times in a row

I think I'll try the wrong thing now, and see how that goes


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