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So Much More

by Sara Beth Yurow
© 2016

I'm very hard to impress
I always go for the best
And all the rest?
Sorry you're just not the one
Why shoot for a pilot when I can have top gun?

And meeting you was just such a shock
I'm almost having writers block
Yeah, I dreamed but eventually I came undone
And I was starting to wonder if you'd ever come

Pre Chorus:
And you're just so amazing, and babe
I just wanna blow you away

Cause I'm flirty and I'm shy
Whenever you catch my eye
But there's so much more to me
You make my heart go pitter-patter
And yeah, I'm really flattered
But there's a whole other side that you don't see
So maybe we can take a break
Let's make a few mistakes
And just see what we see
You like what you see, but it's not enough
But once you really get to know me,
I just know you're gonna fall in love 
With me

So let's fall in love...

You know, I'm deeply impressed
You're the new official second best
You nearly won the race, but I'm still at the top
So let's keep running and see if we ever stop

You can show me your world first
And I'll show you the universe
We can swing from trees, so show me what you got
Baby, we can do whatever the hell we want

Pre Chorus:
And by the time I'm through you'll be begging for more
So let me show you some things you've never seen before


I know you want me
But what separates me from the rest?
Until you get to know me
I'll be like every other girl at best

But I'm so much more, baby can't you see?
Than all the chicks on the TV screens
But just give me a chance, and you'll have to admit
There ain't no going back...
Baby, this is it


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