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Trickling Through My Hands

by Sara Beth Yurow
© 2016

Tears glaze my eyes
As I realize
This is the demise
Of what was once between us
I'm just so surprised
By you

Breathe in and out
Try not to shout
Rap my arms around
Try and hold myself together now
And it hurts to admit
But sometimes I still want you

And I'm singing in the rain
But there's no umbrella shielding me
Nothing to erase the picture of you 
Leaving me
We're going down the drain
All of our hopes
All of our plans
I can feel it trickling
through my hands
And I don't wanna let you go
But there's nothing to hold onto

Tears mix with rain
I wanna go insane
Want something to blame
For this crazy feeling
I'm just in such pain
From everything

And I'm dripping wet
All over the pavement
God, I'm just so upset
How could you do this to me?
How could you let my heart bleed?


The spot where you should stand
God, it haunts me
The falling rain 
It seems to mock me

In a weird way this storm will make me heal
The thunderous sky above mimicks how I feel

I surrender myself to this weeping sky
Wait, while it gives life
For the darkness to shift
And the sun to shine

I just can't hold it inside anymore
Gotta bleed it out
And when I scream for release
The rain falls down


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