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What's Left

by Sara Beth Yurow
© 2022

It's not like I don't work hard
Or take the easy way out
Like I make bad decisions
Or run my mouth

How can I be punished after doing everything right?
Does God want me to die? Is wrong easier than right?
Or will there still be a daybreak after the darkest of nights?
It's been so long I can't even remember what that's like

Pre Chorus:
If life is a forecast
Mine's a hurricane
If life is an ocean
Mine's wave after wave
And it's pulling me under
Day after day
Will I still make it?
How long can I take it?

And I know I'll survive this some how
I may be battered and bruised but I'm still alive
I'll dust off the rubble of a burned down town
Breathless and bloody, broken but survived
And when the sun comes out
What will the new day bring?
When I can't keep count?
And I've lost everything
Except my heart and lungs
Somehow still beating
I'll still be standing you'll all see...

But what'll be left of me?

Will I have a new perspective?
Will I be rock solid hard?
And if a man can love me
Will I remember how to be vulnerable with another heart?

Or will I have forgotten how to not be bitter?
Will my core be rotten from all the pain?
Will I still have courage to hope for better?
It's scary to think I might not be the same

Pre Chorus


And I'm so damn jealous of anyone
Who's having fun
Who's on a higher rung
Who has help cause they're lucky
Or who their family is
Who can run away
Without the consequence

Who will never have to find out
Who they really are
Or what they're really made of
Or what's in their heart

God, why'd you pick me for this test?
Will it bring out the worst in me?
Or will it bring on the best?

Pre Chorus



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